Saturday, February 28, 2009

The latest

Here are the latest pictures of Carson (and one with Jaden in it). I've been slacking this month, so doing another post with a lot of pictures (last post was a lot of videos).

Carson finally started rolling over in his sleep. I loved how his leg was in this picture.

Jaden was giving loves to Carson, and Carson was loving playing with Jaden's hair.

Happy eater

Carson just loves sticking his tongue out

Carson cut his first tooth on Feb. 3, and this was the first picture I got of it without my fingers in the way.

Because Carson is rolling over when he's in his crib, he thinks it's playtime when he gets put down for a nap. He was so tired, but immediately flipped over and was acting wide awake. I put him down on the floor, and he didn't feel like rolling over, so he passed out maybe 2 minutes later.

More of that tongue

He is now a master roller, and rolls all over the living room now. He stopped once he got to the hallway. Maybe all that rolling made him tired (he really was tired, because I nursed him right after these pictures, and he passed out).

Carson can't get standing by himself, but when I do it for him he thinks he is hot stuff!

Carson cut his second tooth on Feb. 12, and this is the first picture I got of both of his cute little teefers.

I'm trying to let Carson know that he can get moving a lot faster if he get onto his hands and knees and starts crawling. He hasn't figured this out yet, so I did it for him. He's always all smiles when I put him on his hands and knees, but then...

...his knees slip, and he's back on his tummy doing push ups.

Too bad I didn't think to get the camera earlier, because Carson was belly laughing SO hard. And once I got out the camera of course Jaden stopped doing what he was doing (was standing on the couch, then would bounce down onto his butt). He will never hear me tell him to jump on the couch again, lol.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Videos, videos, and more videos

We got an HD camcorder with Christmas money this year, and I have been taking videos. I finally figured out how to put them on my computer. They took forever to upload to Youtube, but here they are (well, most of them, anyway). Enjoy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

High heels and a dog kennel

After getting home from seeing Mickey Mouse Live (and other characters from Disney TV shows) Jaden decided he would try on my heels. He called them his boots, lol! He walked surprisingly well in them, too.

A little while later, while at my mom's house, Jaden decided to shut himself into Harley's kennel. I later found out why he did this. I had gone back there to take pictures of him in the kennel, and thesecond he saw me he opened the door and said, "I pooped." I had him close the door so I could get some pictures of him in the kennel. I guess he just needed to be alone to do his deed, lol.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jaden and the iPod

Chris and I both got iPod touches for early Valentine's gifts from each other. On Superbowl Sunday Chris let Jaden watch his favorite show, Ni-hao Kai-Lan on Youtube on his iPod. Jaden has been obsessed ever since. This particular day it was almost bathtime for Jaden, and he had asked to watch Kai-Lan on Daddy's iPod. His hands are at his ears, because he is trying to keep the earphones in them.

Jaden got up, because Kai-Lan was over. He was asking for more Kai-Lan. Chris was telling Jaden that Kai-Lan was all over, and that it was time for his bath.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

6 months old

Carson turned 6 months old yesterday. He's half a year old. Where did the time go? He had his 6 month well-baby visit today, and he was 18.2 lbs and 27 inches long. As you can see from the pictures he is sitting up pretty well now! He does still topple over every now and again, but for the most part he sits for quite a long time all by himself. To top it all off he cut his first tooth this morning. He's getting so big!