Monday, August 9, 2010

Videos of Carson

We had gotten a harness buddy for Carson, because he runs off absolutely everywhere! Well, in letting him have some freedom, he threw a fit when it was time to get in the car. This is the biggest tantrum I've ever seen him throw, and this is when he was a little calmed down! It took me at least 15 minutes to get him in his car seat and buckled.

And this is after a very long day with no nap. He just couldn't make it through dinner. He had been in the pool, swimming, for hours, along with playing in the bouncy house, and everything else that went on that day (lots of family over).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carson is 2!

I can't believe my "baby" is two! He absolutely loves Wubbzy, so even though we did a Wubbzy cake for Jaden's birthday, we went all out for Carson's (birthday supply-wise). We had all his friends over to swim and play in the bouncy house, and everyone had a great time!

Birthday Boy :)

Grandma was holding Kamryn, so that meant the boys had to get on Grandma's lap, too :)

Too much fun for Kamryn. She didn't even make it into the pool, lol.