Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tired, cranky, teething boy

Last week we (Chris) took Carson to the ER at 4:30 in the morning, because he just wouldn't stop screaming. Right before bed he jammed a toothbrush into the back of his throat, so we were just thinking it was really hurting him. ER said he did have an abrasion on the back of his throat, but that he also had a double ear infection. The day before his last dose of medicine I thought he still had the ear infections, but his pediatrician said that if he was up and playing around after his screaming/tantrum-throwing fit then he was probably just fine. The other night Chris noticed Carson putting his finger to the back of his mouth and chewing on it. It finally hit us that he's teething his 2-year-old molars. Jaden was a pretty good teether. He never really fussed or had any other symptoms other than drooling a bit more and not eating as much. Carson has been a pretty good teether up until now. Now that we noticed he was chewing on his fingers we also thought maybe that's why he hasn't been chewing up his food. Lately he's just been putting it in his mouth, maybe chewing it a little, and spitting it out. Maybe that's because of his teeth trying to come in, and hopefully he'll be back to eating normal after it's all said and done. Well, last night he was screaming, once again, after we put him (and Jaden) to bed. Carson was banging, very hard, on the door, too. After I don't remember how long I decided to give him some Tylenol to see if that would help the pain. He came up on my lap and was snuggling, but wasn't falling asleep. You could tell he was trying to stay awake. After a little bit I had Chris go get Carson's blanky (which he has never cared about until this past week). We gave it to him, and he pretty much fell right to sleep. He also has one of my ear plugs in his left hand, lol. I hope these 4 teeth cut soon, because I don't know how many more screaming/tantrum-throwing nights and days I can handle. I want my happy boy back!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Belly and boys full of color

I'm 31 weeks 6 days pregnant today, and I have, for sure, dropped. I waddle everywhere, and I'm just never comfortable anymore

Chris had to take a weird angle shot.

I feel like my belly is going to fall off.

Daddy is downstairs watching Hockey while I'm upstairs watching my shows and getting a break from the kids. We let Carson (because Jaden didn't want to color at the time) have markers (washable). I knew he'd color on himself...

...but I didn't expect Jaden to do the same. Jaden actually does know better, but I guess since he saw Carson doing it he thought it was alright for him to do it, too. At least Carson keeps it off his clothes. Jaden, however, decided to color on his shirt as well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Carson's new lovie

As I was putting Carson in his room for his nap today, he saw one of my ear plugs he got from my room last night. He insisted on having it, so I reluctantly gave it to him. A few seconds later I took it away, because I figured if he had it he wouldn't go to sleep, and he'd play with it instead. He screamed for it, so I decided I'd let him have it, but he if was still playing with it 5-10 minutes later I would go back into the room and take it from him. I never heard a noise from him after leaving his room. I put Jaden down for his nap 15 minutes later, and Carson was fast this. Maybe it's his new lovie? He's never liked any other type of lovie, and this one's a bit odd, but whatever works, lol!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 weeks!

I am 30 weeks today! I am so hoping I have less than 10 weeks to go. I am so over being pregnant already, lol. My belly is so low and heavy already. I'm just done, lol.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun hair and a picnic

Now that Carson's hair is shorter we can put it up in a Mohawk. The place where he grows the most hair is right where you'd do a Mohawk. I guess his hair is a little long to do a proper Mohawk, but it still works, for the most part. It does try to curl, but I think it's more so because the hair is just a tad too long.

I decided it would be fun to do Jaden's hair, too :)

Mini Rod Stewart?

Jaden was all about giving Carson kisses.

By the time I took the picture it looked like Jaden was trying to be "cool," or something.

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to have a picnic. The boys loved it!

Carson's hair from the top, full of dirt. The boys had been outside with Daddy all morning, and Carson threw dirt everywhere. He ended up getting hosed off with the shower head before his nap.

Jaden's hair from the top. Nothing special, lol.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First hair cut!

I finally decided Carson's hair was getting way too out of control, so I went and got his hair cut. I didn't want to lose his curls he has in back, but on random days his hair is just frizzy it looked like a Mullet, and I couldn't handle that anymore, lol! This was him, at the hair salon, right before he got his first hair cut at 20 months old.

These are once we got home and started eating lunch. He looks like such a big boy now :(

The back of his hair still tries to curl, but it's too short to do so. It looks like it got cut at an angle, but that's just how his hair is, because it's trying to curl. I wish the rest of his hair curled, but oh well :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Very sleepy Carson

Carson had nearly a 3 hour nap, and when he woke up he was cranky. He usually wakes up cranky if he sleeps more than an hour and a half. He was screaming when he woke up (which woke me, up, as I was sleeping on the couch) and came right to me and into my lap. He was being very quiet, so I took the camera and took a picture to see if he had randomly fallen asleep. I guess he wasn't ready to wake up. He took at least another 20 minute nap on my belly.

I wasn't ready do wake up, either, lol. I could barely keep my eyes open.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We dyed eggs on Saturday. Jaden had fun, but Carson didn't really enjoy himself.

Carson liked it at first.

He then got mad at me for telling him to keep his hands out to let the egg get dyed. I suppose he was also mad at me for telling him not to drink the vinegar, lol.

Jaden was loving every minute of it.

Carson was all done. He just wasn't having fun being told no. I guess I should've just let him use his hands *sigh*.

Carson was on my lap, laying his head on my belly, because he was upset. After Daddy washed out the dye cups, and gave one to Carson, he was all better.

Our eggs. The "M", for Mommy, didn't turn out, though.

The boys' Easter baskets. We went "ghetto" this year, because we couldn't find what we were going to actually put in their baskets. I guess that's what we get for waiting until the last minute, lol.

Jaden finding eggs in our backyard.

Carson finding eggs in our backyard.

Here's a video of the boys finding eggs in our backyard. It's mostly of Carson, because he was just too cute saying, "I got it!" over and over again.

Carson finding eggs at GG's house.

He was just so excited!

Jaden finding eggs at GG's house.

While getting this egg, Carson was saying hi to the dog on the other side.

Both boys woke up around 6:45 a.m. Carson was very ready for a nap around 10:00 a.m. We got to my grandma's at 11:00 a.m., ate a bit after that, went on the egg hunt, then we went home. It takes about 5 minutes to get from my grandma's house to our house, and Carson was passed out about 3 minutes into the drive.

Jaden was very tired, too, but he was trying to pretend he wasn't.

After a very short nap, Carson woke up and sat on Daddy's lap for a really long time. They even shared crackers. (Daddy was playing a video game.)

Egg hunt time at Grandma and Papa Charles' house!

Carson was still saying, "I got it!"

***Edited April 5, 2010.***

Directly after breakfast, the day after Easter, Carson climbed up on the table and got the candy down. He was very proud of himself. He did this all day.