Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney on Ice

The boys, Chris's mom and I went to Disney on Ice today. It was absolutely awesome! Jaden was absolutely in love with Mickey and the gang and the Cars characters.

Mater! If you could have seen Jaden's face when the cars started coming out. It was priceless!




Jaden's eyes were glued to the ice.

Lightning McQueen!

Next up was The Little Mermaid. I sang the whole time, lol. Here's Ariel and Flounder. I believe they were singing "Part of Your World" here.

"Under the Sea"

No pictures of Ursela came out. This was the best I got because of me dropping my camera a month ago.

Ariel is human.

They sang "Kiss the Girl" right before this. This was the ending.

The Lion King. "I Just Can't Wait to be King" This is Simba and Nala. I sang through this whole part of the show, too, lol.

More of "I Just Can't Wait to be King"

"Be Prepared" This is Scar and the three hyenas.

This is either when the herd was coming down the mountain to get Simba (when Mufassa dies), or it's at the end durring "Circle of Life." I don't remember.

More of "Circle of Life"

I think Jaden's watched The Lion King once...once at our house, anyway. He seemed to like this part of the show, too, though.

Grandma had to take Carson out for a little bit, because he finally got restless on our laps. He came back with this! (It was now intermission.)

We are now at Tinkerbell's part of the show. I believe it was Pixie Hollow. Jaden wasn't too into it, lol.

Tinkerbell saved Spring.

I have a lot more pictures of each part of the show, especially Tinkerbell, because it was the longest, but I would've been uploading pictures forever, lol. I did also take some short videos of each part of the show. I am going to be lazy and put the videos at the end of the blog instead of finding exactly where they go between the pictures, though, lol.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Carson found a new hideout. He thought this was the coolest place to be. He's such a cheese ball.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween party at the library

Today was our library's Halloween party for the kids. All the kids got to dress up, watch a couple short episodes of Halloween Max & Ruby, go on a costume parade through the library (our library just got renovated, so it was cool to see the new library), then make some crafts. They even got goodie bags (pencil, eraser, and a couple small candies).

This is Carson (Buzz Lightyear) wanting the crafts after Max & Ruby was over.

Jaden (Woody)

Jaden admiring his lantern (OK, I made it)

Carson was off with the dogs while Jaden and I were making a lantern.

He was absolutely in love with the dogs, or as he calls them, "Ti-eee" (ti, as in tiff, meaning kitty to Carson).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin carving/painting 2009

We had a fun night tonight! As the older kids were gutting the pumpkins the younger kids painted a pumpkin. Jordan, Jaden and Carson had a little too much fun. The paint got everywhere! Jaden decided to start hitting the pumpkin with his paintbrush, which is what got the paint everywhere...and I mean everywhere.

Melissa (can't see her face), Mom, Shelby, and Joseph gutting and carving.

Carson decided to dip his face into the paint.

Jaden was trying to help.

Carson started eating the top of one of the pumpkins.

Carson kept on gnawing on the pumpkin, so Jordan had to try it.

Carson was saying, "Mmmmm!" over and over.

Cupcake time! Jaden and Jordan got to pick the sprinkles they wanted. I did Carson's myself.

Carson devoured his cupcake, even after smashing it to the table.

Carson wanted his diaper off.

He really wanted his diaper off, lol. I guess he thought because he got so messy painting and got a bath after that, he thought he'd get a bath immediately after eating his cupcake.

My pumpkin with the flash...

...and without. We only had one itty bitty fake light, so this is the best it looked.