Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting caught up

Well, it's been nearly 6 months since I've updated the blog. I post everything on Facebook, so I have just stopped posting on my blog. Sorry! Jaden is doing great in school. He'll be sad when school is over next month. Carson has a best friend whom he met while waiting at school to pick Jaden up. She is the cutest girl! I'm pretty sure Jaden has a girlfriend, too, haha. Kami is crawling everywhere, pulling up on things and letting go, she's starting to cruise the furniture, and she can say Mama, Dada, more, dog, ball, I think grandma, and I swear she says brother and Jaden!

Kami sleeps funny sometimes (night before she was 9 months old)

Carson and Jaden both wanted Daddy's ties on (look at all that hair!!!)

Kami LOVES the trampoline!

Kami also loved her first cupcake!


Carson was trying to peddle his trike,

and Jaden does awesome with his bike!

Kami loved getting pushed in the car.

The boys got some pretty awesome hats!

Jaden learned how to bowl on the Wii, and he kicks butt!

And here's Kami (the poser) on her 10 month birthday (Sunday, April 17).

She loves giving the camera funny faces, lol.

And a random one of Jaden with Woody. He was sitting like this on the couch watching TV while I was taking 10 month pictures of Kamryn.

And here are a couple more videos. Kami sure does love her Jaden!