Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacuum ride and bath time

Yesterday morning we were cleaning the house a little before Chris went outside and worked on pulling out the "bushes" in front of our house. Chris was vacuuming, and I had put Carson on the vacuum for a ride. He seemed to be loving it, that is until I went to get the camera. When I got back to take a picture Carson had gotten scared; you can see it in his face.

When it was bath time Carson followed Daddy and Jaden into the bathroom. Chris had the water running while he was getting Jaden undressed, and Carson had pulled up onto the bathtub. Chris called me in so I could see Carson. I went back to the bathroom, saw Carson, went back to the living room to get the camera, then I took a few pictures. He thought he was such hot stuff. He, too, loves bath time.

He was reaching for the water,

and then he thought he would be brave and let go of the bathtub all together.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green thumb Chris

Chris has always wanted to plant a garden, so today he finally got to do it. He took out the "bushes" in front and on the side of the house, and we cleaned it up. We all went to The Home Depot and got some soil, tomato plants, strawberry plants, carrots, peas and green beans. This garden will be my and Jaden's project. I can only hope I don't let everything die, lol. Everything was planted in front except the strawberries.

The strawberries are on the side of the house.

The tomatoes and peas are where the metal things are, and the carrots and green beans are where it looks empty (just soil).

And this is what the front used to look like. I've always hated those things in front of the house. (This picture is nearly one year old. We don't have the gold car anymore.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New stroller

Our new stroller finally got here yesterday while I was cooking dinner. Chris put it together, and after dinner I took the boys for a quick walk. It's a double stroller that converts into a sit n stand. The back seat comes completely out (sun canopy, too), and there's a little seat that the older child can either sit on (looking at you), or there's a platform on the bottom where the older child can stand and ride, too. Jaden doesn't seem to like that yet, so we'll just keep the stroller seat in. Both boys seemed to love it, though! Oh, and excuse the spaghetti on Jaden's face and the green bean Carson was sucking on in his mouth.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stair master

Carson has been going up the stairs for a couple weeks now. A couple times he's tried to go down them with no luck. Well, today he went down them like he had been doing it since day one (no fear, no tumbling, no nothing).

Turning around to go back up the stairs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Someone likes his sippy

After Carson ate his dinner tonight I gave him the rest of the thawed out breast milk in a sippy. My boss called me to work this past Saturday, but I had to tell him no, because Carson doesn't take bottles. I figured with the wedding season creeping up I would see if he might take a sippy, since he seemed to like it the couple times I tried before. (I need him to be able to take something other than the boob so I am able to go to work when I'm needed.) Well, I laid him down on a pillow and gave him the sippy while I went into the kitchen to make me some dinner really quick. Chris tells me I need to come look at Carson while I'm making my dinner. Carson was on his side with his head kinked so he was watching TV, lol! This first picture is after he saw the camera and moved a little. This position isn't nearly as uncomfortable looking as the one he was in before I got the camera. After the first picture he was just moving around and posing. I guess I'll try the sippy again, but with me holding him and feeding him. I want to see how much he will actually eat if he's getting fed, rather than just laying on a pillow and doing it himself, because if he's doing it himself he gets very distracted...obviously.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After dinner Jaden decided he wanted to go outside and play. After awhile he sat in the dirt and started picking it up and dumping it on himself - even his hair. He was have fun, so I let him do it for about half an hour.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chillaxin' and more tricks

This was at the beginning of the month, but this is how we found Jaden sleeping one day. Looks like he's totally chill.

Here is more of Carson doing his newest trick.

I put him on his butt to see if he could get up that way (not how he does it). He tried, but didn't succeed. It looks painful!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carson's new trick

While I was reading my book I looked over at Carson, and this is what I saw.

He continued on up, got the sandwich, and ate the part he pulled off!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and egg coloring 2009

We colored Easter Eggs on Saturday. Jaden had fun, and we made quite a mess!

Jaden's basket

Carson's basket

Finding eggs at Grandma and Papa Charles' house.

Carson got this bunny/egg from Grandma Charles, and he scooted around with it everywhere.

"Painting" his lips with a robin egg

Finding eggs and candy at GG's house.

It was a long day.

I have videos, too, but I haven't uploaded them to youtube yet. Maybe check back later, and I might have them up.