Sunday, January 31, 2010

I heard a crash

So, I put Carson down for his nap before Jaden today, because I want to try something else out. Lately, every time I put the boys down for their naps they end up playing for well over an hour. This whole past week I have been ending up putting Jaden in my bed (after going into their room and putting them back in bed and telling them it's not playtime, but nap time. Sometimes I want a nap, too, and Jaden always sleeps on my side of the bed, so I end up not being able to take a nap (I'm very picky, I guess). Well, today was supposed to be the first day of my new trial - put Carson down for his nap first, and when he's asleep put Jaden his own bed. Carson took over 30 minutes to fall asleep today, so I ended up just putting Jaden in my bed, because I wanted to take a shower. I didn't want to put Jaden in his room if Carson was still awake, because that would just make them stay awake even longer. I had heard a crash about 15 minutes before I went to take my shower, but Carson didn't start crying, so I just let it be. After my shower I went to check on Carson, and this is what I found. He had gotten into one of the drawers full of jammies (yes, they have two drawers - one for footies and one for jammies without feet, as for a little warmer weather). I guess he wanted to play in that drawer and with the jammies. As you can see, he did fall asleep...just not in his bed, lol! Too cute, though. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a...

Girl!!! She was very modest and didn't open her legs much at all, so this is the best picture we got. But as you can see, there's nothing poking out. ;) Chris immediately told me I will have an allowance, lol. I honestly didn't think I bought as many clothes for the boys (mostly Jaden), but when we moved all the clothes bins I was in shock at how many clothes we had for them! I know that if I was like that with boy clothes I will be WAY worse with girl clothes! Girls clothes are just cuter in general, and there's MUCH more to choose from!

The ultrasound tech also got a lot of other great pictures of our little girl. These are just a few. She gave me 15 total!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

18w4d belly

This picture was taken this past Sunday. I was 18w4d that day. At my last Doctor appointment my Doctor rolled in an ultrasound machine to see if he could take a guess at the gender. I was 17w6d, so very good odds to get a decent shot at the gender. My Doctor did this around the same gestation when I was pregnant with Carson and guessed boy, and Carson sure is a boy! Well, this time my Doctor guessed girl! He said he was 98% sure! We should find out, for sure this Thursday, if we are indeed having a little girl.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese

We went to a birthday party yesterday, and it was at Chuck E. Cheese. Jaden was beyond ecstatic. Everyday since we got the birthday invitation he asked if we were going back to Chuck E. Cheese (we had gone at the beginning of the month with my dad, and he remembered). I only got two pictures yesterday, as it was very busy, but oh well.

Here's Carson playing the "toddler whack,"

and here are the boys in the fire truck. They had lots of fun!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I couldn't help but laugh

Again, like usual, I went to check on the boys on my way to bed, and this is how I found them. Carson just cracks me up! I have no clue how he can fall asleep like this, and not fall off the bed, but he made it work. Chris and I just couldn't stop laughing last night!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The boys running around chasing each other

Carson had a book that Jaden wanted, so Jaden was chasing Carson trying to get it. That is how these videos began. If you listen closely to the first video you can hear Carson say, "I'm gonna get you!" All the rest of the times he says, "Get you! Get you! Get you!" They went on running around and chasing each other for well over half an hour.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Carson is so funny

It had been awhile since Carson had fallen asleep with Jaden in Jaden's bed. This was taken a week and a half ago, but this is how the boys fell asleep that night. Too funny!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How is this comfortable?

Yep, Carson's asleep. Before Chris and I go to bed for the night I always go in the boys' room to check on the boys and make sure Carson has covers. This is how I found Carson. I heard the boys playing, and apparently Carson just couldn't make it all the way up onto his bed when he decided he was too tired to play in the dark anymore. I just don't know how this is comfortable at all, but kids will be kids, I suppose - fall asleep anywhere, in any position.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jaden's 3rd birthday party!

Jaden had a lot of fun at his birthday party. Some (not all) of his friends came over, and all they wanted to do was play in the bouncy house (which is why we had it there in the first place).

Jaden was giving his cousin, Owen, kisses. I got the picture when he was going in for the kill.

After awhile we decided to let the two little ones in by themselves for a bit. This way the big kids didn't have to keep being told to "watch out for the babies."

Owen was getting really excited, so I had my mom take a picture. Too bad Owen turned off his excited look right before the picture, lol.

Jaden's Wubbzy cake! Chris did a great job!

I think Jaden was really excited to eat his Wubbzy cake ;)

Carson enjoying some cake and ice cream

Jaden enjoying his cake and ice cream right before he spilled his punch all over himself

After a change of clothes Jaden started opening his presents.

I wish I captured his face when he first saw the bike. I wasn't thinking of getting on the other side of him, though.

Carson was doing a James Dean look. He did NOT want to get off the bike. He threw quite the tantrum.