Friday, March 14, 2008

Mr. Bear

So, before Jaden was born I bought him a security blanket. It has a bear for a head. We now call it Mr. Bear. When we transitioned Jaden to his crib from his raised play yard we started having him sleep with Mr. Bear. That means he's been sleeping with him since he was 2 1/2 months old. Yesterday was the first day he refused to sleep with any of the other two security blankets we have. He had put Mr. Bear into the diaper pail (he knows he's not supposed to do that), so I had to wash him and dry him before Jaden would take his nap. Jaden was so tired, but he refused to take a nap without Mr. Bear. While it was kind of cute (because he's still so young), it just means that that's one more thing we have to get him detached from - the other being his beloved binky (which he only gets when he sleeps).

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Nicole said...

I am glad you didn't say you would have to detach him from his big blanket because that would be hypacritical. so what if i can't spell.