Friday, November 6, 2009

All tuckered out

Both boys woke up this morning around 7:10am. We have been going to story time at the library every Friday for a little over a month, so I was trying to do that today, too. We go to the 10am story time, and I also needed to go to the bank to get our payoff amount for closing. I knew going to story time would be a bad idea, since I knew Carson was already so tired and ready for a nap, but we went anyway. I couldn't put off going to the bank, so we went there directly afterwords. That took forever, and sucked. I hate bringing the kids inside the bank, because they think they have free reign, and they also don't like to be held. After we were finally done with the bank I was a mean mommy and made an early lunch so all of us could take a nap at the same time. I didn't get a nap yesterday, and I really needed one, which made me even more tired today. Jaden had finished his lunch and was in the living room while I was eating my sandwich. I thought it was a bit quiet in the kitchen (Carson doesn't like it if he's in there alone and lets you know). I told myself I'd finish my sandwich (I was almost done) and then check on him. I then heard a noise from the kitchen, so I was sure he was still awake. I get done eating my sandwich and go to the kitchen, and Carson was out cold! I guess the noise I heard was his sippy tipping over as his head flopped down. Poor guy. it was too cute not to take pictures, though. Neither of my kids have ever done that before! I wiped him off with wipies, and he didn't even wake up. I put him in bed, and I thought I got lucky to be able to take a nap. Five minutes after I put him in bed (still didn't move when I put him in bed) he came out of his room with all the energy in the world. This made me sad. I put Jaden down for his nap at noon, and he didn't even fight it. He had no nap yesterday, and he woke up so early today, I knew he was tired. Well, Carson didn't fall back asleep until 1:20pm. He had been back in his room since 12:30pm playing. I realized he had a poopy diaper, so I changed him, and I thought he'd go to sleep after that, but nope! Oh well, he did finally fall asleep, and I got my nap...kind of. I laid in bed for what seemed like forever. I tossed and turned, and finally when I got on my back I fell asleep. Seems to be the only way that will put me to sleep if I'm having troubles falling asleep when I'm in my first trimester.

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