Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jaden's 3rd birthday party!

Jaden had a lot of fun at his birthday party. Some (not all) of his friends came over, and all they wanted to do was play in the bouncy house (which is why we had it there in the first place).

Jaden was giving his cousin, Owen, kisses. I got the picture when he was going in for the kill.

After awhile we decided to let the two little ones in by themselves for a bit. This way the big kids didn't have to keep being told to "watch out for the babies."

Owen was getting really excited, so I had my mom take a picture. Too bad Owen turned off his excited look right before the picture, lol.

Jaden's Wubbzy cake! Chris did a great job!

I think Jaden was really excited to eat his Wubbzy cake ;)

Carson enjoying some cake and ice cream

Jaden enjoying his cake and ice cream right before he spilled his punch all over himself

After a change of clothes Jaden started opening his presents.

I wish I captured his face when he first saw the bike. I wasn't thinking of getting on the other side of him, though.

Carson was doing a James Dean look. He did NOT want to get off the bike. He threw quite the tantrum.

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