Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm quite a bit behind!

So, I'm pretty far behind on my blogging. I upload everything to my Facebook, so I tend to forget about my blog. We have done a lot since my last blog!

Kamryn has found her thumb a few times, but prefers her binky.

She also falls asleep a lot when it's tummy time, because she hates it.

It has been a long time since Jaden let Carson up onto his bed at night, but it happened again, and it was still just as sweet :)

I truly believe Kamryn was trying to cover her ears. Her brothers were being super loud that morning!

Smiling at her star playing music.

She's such a mover in her sleep. Where the rolled up, pink blanket is - that was behind her back (laying on her right side) when I put her to bed, and this was her right before waking up the next morning.

She really does love that music playing star (and no, she wasn't reaching for it - just flailing her arms). Oh, and Kamryn was 2 months old this day!

We went to the fair, and Jaden got to ride a bigger ride!

Carson was able to ride a couple rides, too, but wasn't impressed.

Kamryn ready for a wedding!

I like how she has her fingers conjoined :)

I knew she was tired, so I gave her a binky. I left the room to throw away a diaper, and when I came back to the Living Room she turned her head into her lovie and was out cold.

First time in the saucer.

Carson promptly got right in it after I took Kamryn out of it.

Jaden then got right in it when Carson was done.

We went to the Space Needle

And Kamryn fell asleep

We went to the Aquarium

Jaden had fun getting lifted over the wood.

Kamryn passed out while we were waiting for our dinner to get served.

We went to a Seahawks game!

The boys got their hair sprayed blue and green.

We had two very tired boys...

...and a hungry Kamryn

We went to the zoo!

And this was Kamryn just two days ago.

And that catches us up!

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