Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I told myself I was going to start trying harder to make Jaden fall asleep for his naps all by himself, like he used to before we started transitioning him to his toddler bed. Instead of me putting him in his crib at nap time, and him falling asleep on his own (like he has from birth), when we started taking the front railing off of the crib to get him used to the toddler bed, I started having him sit/lay on the couch with me to fall asleep. When we got the toddler bed a few weeks later I just put him into his room, on his bed, to take a nap. Only a couple times did he get out of bed, then he was good about staying in his bed. Well, that all went to poop, because the next time he got out of bed, and I put him back in bed, then he got out again, I just started having him be on the couch with me, again, until he fell asleep. After Jaden would fall asleep, I'd put him in his bed. Well, once last week, and today, I "locked" him in his room and didn't open the door when he tried to get out. When I didn't hear anything, today, I went to his room and peeked under the door to see if he was out of bed. He must've heard me get down on the floor, because the next thing I see was him getting off his bed, coming to the door and trying to open it. He then realized the door wasn't getting opened for him, so he started playing with the toy that's right next to the door. At that time I went back out to the living room. A few minutes later I went back to check on Jaden. I saw that he was asleep, so I tried to open the door to at least put a blanket on him. This is as far as I could open the door. I sneeked my arm, with camera, in the little crack in the door and snapped this photo. I was able to put a blanket on him, but it took a few minutes. Every time he falls asleep on the floor (which has only been a few times) he uses Mr. Bear as a cute!

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she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

That is adorable... it is reassuring to know that they do eventually fall asleep on their own...