Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We went to my Uncle Gary's house for a bbq. My sister, Nicole, her husband, Will, and their daughter (my niece), Ryan stayed at our house for the weekend, and Jaden was super excited. Jaden hadn't taken a nap since Wednesday, July 2. He finally fell asleep on the car ride to Gary's house. He kind of woke up when Chris took him out of the car, but he did end up falling back asleep for a little bit. I took the opportunity to take this cute picture.

After Jaden woke up he saw all the kids playing in the water. After some mooching of chips off of whoever would let him mooch we put his swimming suit on so he could play in the water. Here is Aunt Shelby showing Jaden how to fill up and shoot the water gun.

After playing with the water guns for a little bit the home made ice cream was brought out. I asked Jaden if he wanted to go get some ice cream, and he no longer cared about the water. I followed him back to where the ice cream was, got some, and we shared it. YUM!

After ice cream it was time to play with the water guns again.

I was tired and wanted to sit down, so I brought Jaden back over to where the food was. He saw people with home made root beer and wanted some. He went over to where the root beer was, and Gary helped him fill up a cup.

Jaden was so proud of himself for "helping" get himself some root beer. We let him have one drink, then Daddy drank the rest.

Later that night we were going to go to the park to watch the fireworks. We were all so tired that we decided to just pick up a small thing of fireworks to set off at home.

Jaden absolutely loved his sparkler!

We should've done more sparklers first, because it all went down hill from there. Jaden liked the light of the fireworks, but as soon as they started making noise he freaked out! Uncle Willie and Aunt Shelby tried to make Jaden stop crying, but it just wasn't working.

We tried backing Jaden way up from the street while Chris set off another firework. Jaden just wasn't having it. After this firework was set off (and after he squirmed out of Aunt Shelby's arms) Jaden ran into the house...for the second time.

Here is a picture of the last firework we set off (the one that made Jaden run into the house again). We tried another sparkler, and Jaden no longer liked it. I think he thought it was going to make noise like the rest of the fireworks. Poor guy.

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