Friday, July 18, 2008

Jaden is becoming "Where's Waldo?"

The past couple days Jaden has been running off and doing his own thing. I think that's great! Problem is, when I call for him, and he doesn't answer, and I go looking for him, it takes me awhile to find him. About 10 minutes after I put him down for his nap I heard him open his door. He never came out into the living room, so I figured he went back to bed. About 10 minutes later I hear this horrible sound that sounds like our cat is puking. I look up, and Mimi (our cat) is right in front of me, just chilling in front of the slider. I quickly figure out it's Jaden. I go into the nursery (where he's been hanging out lately), and he had crawled under the crib and got the tub of sidewalk chalk. It was the chalk hitting the sides of the tub, and themselves, that made that horrible noise. I took them away from Jaden, put them in the crib, and put Jaden back down for his nap.

Later that same day (yesterday), sometime after his nap, Jaden was nowhere to be found yet again. I looked in every single room in the house, and I couldn't find him. I looked one more time in the nursery, and this is where I found him. He was in the baby's car seat...again, lol.

And here are a couple pictures from a few days ago. I was putting the new toys on the handle, and putting the head rest in the car seat as well. Jaden just really wanted to play in the baby's car seat, I guess.

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