Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

This was Jaden's second Halloween and Carson's first. Jaden was supposed to be a pit crew guy, but when we tried on his costume a week before Halloween it turned out to be too small, and it ripped when trying to velcro it together. Carson was a pea in a pod. These first two pictures are from the week before Halloween.

Even though it was past the date to return a returnable costume, the manager let Chris do it. Sadly, I knew that a week before Halloween there would be pretty much nothing left. Thankfully they had two costumes in Jaden's size left (they wouldn't refund the money, so we had to just get a different costume from that store). There was a panda and Superman. Chris chose Superman, and it fit! These pictures were taken Halloween night. Jaden had such a good time trick-or-treating. He was all about the candy (what kid wouldn't be)! He did not want to eat his dinner. He kept shoving his candy bucket in our faces and asking to have candy. We stuck to our guns and told him he could have some candy after he ate some of his dinner. He didn't eat his dinner, so he didn't get anymore candy.

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Nicole said...

one question...Does J-man even know who superman is? Cute costumes none the less, i love Carson as peas in a pod. He probably loved being all swaddled up. Also Dad put some pics from his China trip up on his blog.