Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Play Garage

FedEx dropped off Jaden's new Cars Play Garage today. It came while Carson was taking his first nap, so I was able to set it up without Carson's help, lol. Jaden said he wanted to take his nap in it, so I put his couch-bed in there. Jaden saw that it was in there and said, "I want it out of here!" I took it out and told him he could pick where he wanted to sleep. A couple hours later I went in to check on him, and he had brought his pillow, blanky and bear in the tent, and he was sleeping on the floor. As you can see in this first picture, his feet are sticking out of the door.

After I took the above picture he started rustling around, so I went out of the room. About half an hour later I went back, and this is how he was.

You can kind of see him through the mesh window.

After the boys' naps (Carson's second) they played in Jaden's room/tent for pretty much the rest of the day/night, minus a break for dinner. They had a blast!

You can kind of see Jaden through the mesh window again.

Jaden was saying hi out the window.

It took me awhile to finish this blog. It's now 10:05 p.m. Jaden is sleeping in the tent.

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