Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. Jaden made Daddy a three-picture picture frame. In the first frame was Jaden's hand print, the next frame down was a picture of Jaden and Daddy when Jaden was 4 months old, and in the bottom frame was Jaden's foot print. I got Chris a video game (GTA 4). Jaden loves "playing" video games. The second Chris put in the game, and started playing, Jaden had to grab a controller and play, too. Like father like son!

Later that day we went to Chris's parents' house. We were all ready to swim, but we didn't know the pool was still a bit cold (was maybe 70 degrees). Jaden has no problem playing in the river, so we thought he wouldn't have a problem in Grandma's pool. Well, he didn't like it being that cold all the way up to his neck. Chris got in to show Jaden it wasn't that bad, but Jaden still wanted nothing to do with it; it was just too cold for him.

A little later Chris went out to the car to get the floaty he got me for Mother's Day. While getting the floaty Chris's mom got Jaden a juice box. After a few sips of juice Chris took the juice to try and get Jaden to float with Daddy on Daddy's lap. Well, it worked! Jaden was okay with just getting his legs, up to his waist, in the water.

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Nicole said...

That is a sweet floaty