Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jaden at a birthday party

It was the first birthday party of our friends' little girl, Sydnee, and Jaden had so much fun. He loves water, which I'm sure you all know by now, so spend a lot of his time over by the water balloons and the people filling them. Jaden even made a new friend and popped a squat on her lap (she was the one tying off the balloons). He did keep trying to get a hold of the source of the water, though - the hose.

He got a couple balloons to pop in his mouth, and he was so happy about it. When he tried again, later that evening, he just couldn't do it.

He, of course, loved the swings, and when the baby swing was in use he really wanted to use the big boy swing. He did a really good job on it, too.

As soon as Tera, the mother of the baby turning one, brought Sydnee's cake out (she had her own) Jaden saw it and was going straight for it. Tera didn't care one bit, so she picked him up and encouraged him to grab some.

I think she ended up tearing off a "big" piece for him to eat.

This was Jaden's face after he got the cake. He was so proud, lol. His face looks like, "Ha, ha ha! I just got some cake! What are you going to do about it?!?"

Later on Jaden finally got into the wagon. He had wanted in it for a long time, but I wouldn't let him, because it was full of dirt. Well, Chris finally let him in the wagon, lol. There was a little girl (a little older than him) who wanted to push him. How cute!

We made Jaden take turns with the wagon, so this is him pushing the little girl who was pushing him.

And finally, the finale - the pinata. Jaden had a blast trying to swing at it (even if he did try with his hands some of the time).

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