Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jaden's new slide

Yesterday we finally got Jaden a slide. Chris set it up last night before he gave Jaden a bath, and Jaden played on it for over 30 minutes before We made him stop and get a bath. He didn't get a bath until after he should've been in bed. He was so tired. He kept trying to climb up the slide instead of the steps, and that tired him out more than he already was. He didn't even want to go to bed, because he really wanted to keep playing on his new toy. We put him to bed anyway. He played on it all morning this morning, too. After his nap and lunch I brought it outside. It took awhile to get him on the slide, as he just wanted play everywhere once he was outside, but I finally coaxed him to getting on the slide for some pictures. When it's inside he'll play on it forever, but the second he's outside he thinks he's free. So much other stuff to do outside. He's probably thinking, "Why play on the slide outside when I can play on it all day inside? There are much better things I could do outside!"

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