Saturday, December 27, 2008


This year was Jaden's 2nd Christmas and Carson's 1st Christmas. I took LOADS of pictures, so here are just a few.

This was Christmas Eve right before Chris and I went to bed.

Christmas Morning

Yes, this year we actually got Mimi something (was the blue, plastic, see-through stocking), and she was absolutely loving the stuff in it!

Jaden is "fixing" Carson's new toy. He saw Daddy putting it together, got the screwdriver and said, "I fix it."

Grandma and Grandpa Charles got him a Harley

Jaden put on his "bling" (Grandma's beads) and sat down to play with his new computer

One of the presents Carson got at Grandma and Grandpa Charles' house

Yay for a new bath toy! Now he just needs to decide he likes sitting up so he can play with it better! This was from Grandma and Grandpa Rushman. Jaden would not let me get a picture of him with what he got.

Now, I didn't post every little thing the kids got, as that would've taken forever to upload all the pictures. Overall it was a great day, and I was so glad that Nicole, Will and Ryan could come up for a week. Here's one last picture that we got the night before they all left. This was the best one of the three cousins. It was actually taken on Jaden's birthday, which was December 27 (today!).

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