Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Someone likes his sippy

After Carson ate his dinner tonight I gave him the rest of the thawed out breast milk in a sippy. My boss called me to work this past Saturday, but I had to tell him no, because Carson doesn't take bottles. I figured with the wedding season creeping up I would see if he might take a sippy, since he seemed to like it the couple times I tried before. (I need him to be able to take something other than the boob so I am able to go to work when I'm needed.) Well, I laid him down on a pillow and gave him the sippy while I went into the kitchen to make me some dinner really quick. Chris tells me I need to come look at Carson while I'm making my dinner. Carson was on his side with his head kinked so he was watching TV, lol! This first picture is after he saw the camera and moved a little. This position isn't nearly as uncomfortable looking as the one he was in before I got the camera. After the first picture he was just moving around and posing. I guess I'll try the sippy again, but with me holding him and feeding him. I want to see how much he will actually eat if he's getting fed, rather than just laying on a pillow and doing it himself, because if he's doing it himself he gets very distracted...obviously.

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