Saturday, April 25, 2009

New stroller

Our new stroller finally got here yesterday while I was cooking dinner. Chris put it together, and after dinner I took the boys for a quick walk. It's a double stroller that converts into a sit n stand. The back seat comes completely out (sun canopy, too), and there's a little seat that the older child can either sit on (looking at you), or there's a platform on the bottom where the older child can stand and ride, too. Jaden doesn't seem to like that yet, so we'll just keep the stroller seat in. Both boys seemed to love it, though! Oh, and excuse the spaghetti on Jaden's face and the green bean Carson was sucking on in his mouth.

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Chip and Dani Brown said...

Ooo!! Do you love it? That's the same stroller we have and I have really enjoyed having it! We still use the back seat most of the time,especially for actual walks.But there have been a couple times at the zoo where Kenzie gets tired of being in the stroller but it is too much to walk and I am able to just take the seat out and let her hop on and she loves it! I hope you guys have as good of an experience with it as we have!!