Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carson's 1st birthday and party

Today was Carson's 1st birthday! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! He has learned to hold his head, roll over, sit, scoot, army crawl, crawl, pull up on things, stand by himself, and just before his birthday he started taking steps here and there! He still nurses like a champ, and he would rather eat with utensils than his hands.

It was SO hot outside. The splash pool was a great hit (even for the grownups)!

Carson was loving eating watermelon like a big boy.

Time for cake and ice cream, and Carson wasn't happy that I went to the front yard to get Daddy.

I was a bit upset that WalMart didn't completely do the colors I asked for. Where the dark green icing is was supposed to be light/baby green.

Much happier!

Again, gave him a spoon and he was good to go.

Jaden being a goof.

Carson absolutely loved this present. After opening it he didn't care about opening any other present (this was only the second present we opened).

He kept going back to this present, lol.

Here is a video of him with his favorite present. You can hear him squeal when it gets taken away or he pushes it over.

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