Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Most of a day in the life of an only child

Jaden spent the night at Chris's parents' house Saturday night, so Carson had Mommy, Daddy, and the house and toys all to himself from dinner Saturday through after his second nap (waking up around 4:00 p.m.) Sunday. Another hobby of his is to get in the cabinets under the bathroom sink and playing with my stuff. I was about to get in the shower, and I couldn't resist taking his picture.

While I was in the shower Chris made Carson lunch. He also gave Carson his first blackberry. He absolutely LOVED it!

After Carson woke up from his second nap we headed out to Chris's parents' house for dinner and to bring Jaden home. Even though the pool was a cold, 70 degrees, Jaden wanted in anyway. Well, because Jaden was in the pool, Carson wanted in the pool. Luckily he only wanted to sit and dangle his feet in to splash. Nobody wanted in the pool with Jaden, so we got him out and turned on a sprinkler. Jaden was a bit skiddish, and he kept moving the sprinkler around. Finally we got him to stop so I could take a few pictures. Carson was having fun in the sprinkler, but alas, Jaden started moving it again after I got my few pictures.

Carson loved every minute of having Mommy, Daddy, the house and toys all to himself. Now that he's walking, I think he wishes he were an only child more often. Jaden still loves his baby brother, but even though Carson's been able to get into Jaden's toys, and stuff, for awhile, now that Carson's walking Jaden is all sorts of stingy and taking things away from Carson. Such is the life of siblings.

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