Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love watching him sleep

Well, I love watching both my boys sleep, but I didn't want to bug Jaden today, because I don't even think he was asleep yet when I put Carson down. Carson rarely falls asleep nursing these days (but he still "has" to nurse to go to sleep), so I cherish those moments. I should get rid of the bear on his pillow, because he has never liked it. He's never taken to any type of lovey we've given him. Chris's mom got him a doggy for Christmas, which is a little different than the other lovies we've tried, and he didn't like it then, either. I just got it out the other day, because we left Jaden's blanky and bear at Chris's parents' house. We got out all the lovies, and Jaden took them all to bed with him that night. When Jaden woke up the next morning he brought all the lovies out with him. Carson immediately took to the doggy. I've been giving it to him the three times he nurses to go to sleep (morning nap, afternoon nap, and bed time). He has been sleeping with it ever since, and I think it's just precious. =)

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