Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney on Ice

The boys, Chris's mom and I went to Disney on Ice today. It was absolutely awesome! Jaden was absolutely in love with Mickey and the gang and the Cars characters.

Mater! If you could have seen Jaden's face when the cars started coming out. It was priceless!




Jaden's eyes were glued to the ice.

Lightning McQueen!

Next up was The Little Mermaid. I sang the whole time, lol. Here's Ariel and Flounder. I believe they were singing "Part of Your World" here.

"Under the Sea"

No pictures of Ursela came out. This was the best I got because of me dropping my camera a month ago.

Ariel is human.

They sang "Kiss the Girl" right before this. This was the ending.

The Lion King. "I Just Can't Wait to be King" This is Simba and Nala. I sang through this whole part of the show, too, lol.

More of "I Just Can't Wait to be King"

"Be Prepared" This is Scar and the three hyenas.

This is either when the herd was coming down the mountain to get Simba (when Mufassa dies), or it's at the end durring "Circle of Life." I don't remember.

More of "Circle of Life"

I think Jaden's watched The Lion King once...once at our house, anyway. He seemed to like this part of the show, too, though.

Grandma had to take Carson out for a little bit, because he finally got restless on our laps. He came back with this! (It was now intermission.)

We are now at Tinkerbell's part of the show. I believe it was Pixie Hollow. Jaden wasn't too into it, lol.

Tinkerbell saved Spring.

I have a lot more pictures of each part of the show, especially Tinkerbell, because it was the longest, but I would've been uploading pictures forever, lol. I did also take some short videos of each part of the show. I am going to be lazy and put the videos at the end of the blog instead of finding exactly where they go between the pictures, though, lol.

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