Friday, October 2, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo

Monday, after the Seahawks game, we went to Woodland Park Zoo. Chris had said it was going to be a beautiful day, but we forgot that my beautiful and his beautiful are two completely different things, meaning I didn't bring a jacket for myself. Luckily one of the four other people who came to the zoo with us had an extra pull-over, because I was freezing my butt off even with that on. It didn't rain while we were at the zoo, but it sure was windy. Jaden had our friend's girlfriend's parents wrapped around his little fingers. He got whatever he wanted from them, lol. Here are only some of the tons of pictures I took. Yes, I uploaded a lot of pictures, but this is nothing compared to what I took.

Cool bird out in the open in the Aviary

Another pretty bird wandering the Aviary

The duck with the white and black hair (mostly white) is what I was trying to get a picture of. I had dropped my camera at the wedding we went to on Saturday, so a lot of my pictures ever since have not been turning out very well. This duck had quite the hair-do. You could tell he was trying to "get in with the ladies" (meaning that what his hair-do was for).

Jaden, the turtle

We finally let Carson out of the wagon to see the Jaguar. This was Jaden's absolute favorite animal (thanks, Diego).

Baby Ocelot. So cute!

Very pretty Tucan

Carson cheesing it up at the Gorillas

Tree Kangaroo

Reticulated Python

King Cobra

Sloth Bear

Big kitties :)

This is a bad picture, but the best one I got of the Snow Leopard and her babies.

Jaden and Carson, the Snow Leopards (Carson was crying, because I took the empty Dr. Pepper bottle away for the picture, lol).


Big Bear!

Pretty Mountain Goat

Jaden posing with the otter. I did get a couple pictures of the otters, but they were swimming so fast that the pictures turned out crappy. :(

While we were looking at pretty much nothing, the bears and otters got fed (hence why the otters were moving so fast).


I don't remember what kind of monkey this was.

You can't tell by this picture how absolutely HUGE this Elephant was. This picture makes this Elephant look like a baby Elephant. I wish there were something to show just how big it was.

Jaden finally got his butterfly lollipop that he begged for (and our friend's girlfriend's parents got him). He was so tuckered out he only got a few licks/bites in before he passed out.

If I remember right Carson was passed out before we left the Zoo parking lot...which wasn't more than a minute. Both boys slept all the way to Ellensburg!

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