Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great! The boys got way too much stuff, as usual, but they are having fun with everything, which is all that matters!

Carson when he saw the gifts under the tree

Jaden when he saw the gifts under the tree

Carson turned around to tell me, very excitedly, "It's the Wow Wow!"

Jaden's stocking stuff

Carson's stocking stuff (in the back) with a couple other gifts of his

The boys opening their big gift from Santa - a bouncy house!

Jaden opening one of his gifts

Carson opening what Jaden calls "the clock train." Carson's ball pit with extra balls is to the side.

Probably the best picture I've gotten of Jaden in a long time!

Carson sitting in his new chair playing with his new slippers

Our big gift this year (gotta love Black Friday!)

The boys' big gift from Grandma and Papa Charles

Our stuff from my mom's house

Jaden playing with his Home Depot stuff he got from Grandma and Papa Charles

Carson playing with one of Jaden's gifts from us. I think he liked drawing on himself more than the table, lol.

Jaden still playing with his Home Depot stuff

(Updated December 26, 2009)

The boys playing with their new Christmas stuff

The boys playing nice (it's a dry-erase table, don't worry)

Carson playing with Jaden's toys. This drill is his favorite!

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