Sunday, May 23, 2010

No sew fleece blankets!

I have been wanting to make each of the kids one of these types of blankets for awhile now. We finally got the fleece last week and made Kami's blanket. It was our first try, and it didn't turn out perfect, but we still loved it. I couldn't tie the knots the way I wanted, so I had Chris tie all but about 5 knots.

You can tell the blanket really bunched up and is not a square. I think we did pretty darn good for our first time, though!

Because I can't seem to tie the knots the way I want them I didn't do another blanket during the week. The boys spent the night at Chris's parents' house on Saturday, so after Chris and I had dinner we did another blanket. I think this one is my favorite! It turned out much better than Kamryn's blanket, too.

While knotting the Wubbzy blanket Chris found that you could pull down a little on the knots. We tried this with Kamryn's blanket, after we were done with the Wubbzy blanket, and it worked! Kami's blanket is a square now!

We did the last blanket today, and it turned out pretty awesome, too! Too bad the boys fight over the Wubbzy blanket, lol. Our plan was to just let the boys pick a blanket each day/night and not assign them a certain one. We'll see how that goes the next few days.

And I don't know why the flash on the camera felt like doing this, but it made the back of the blanket look much lighter than it really is. You can clearly see, in the picture above, that the back is the darker blue.

Chris says he thinks it would be cool if I did these and sold them. I don't know if it would be worth it, though. I've looked at what the "buy it now" prices are on Ebay, and we'd be losing money. Maybe if I only did the cheaper fabrics (i.e. not the Wubbzy or Toy Story types - more like Kami's blanket) it would be worth it. We shall see if I choose to do this later on down the road. It was fun, though!

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