Monday, May 19, 2008

Smart little climber

Jaden didn't wake up until 10am today (yay!), but when I figured it was time for a nap I asked Jaden if he needed a nap. He answered by nodding his head, so I asked him to go get Mr. Bear. He then proceeded to do so (or so I thought). When I realized Mr. Bear was in the dryer (his bed, pajamas, and himself were soaked, because he slept in so late) I called for Jaden. I could hear him in the nursery, but he didn't come out to the living room when I called. I called for him again, and nothing. It sounded like he was playing with the diaper pail (he likes to stick things in it and flip the lid), so I went to see what he was doing. This is what I saw when I walked in. It took me a minute to find the camera, so the best picture was gone by the time I got back into the room. Apparently he climbed the changing table to get to his sun screen. He got the sun screen, laid down on his belly, and got the cap off. When I got back into the room with the camera he was about to sit up. He then turned the can upside down and tried to put some on his legs. I guess I'm going to have to put the sun screen somewhere else! (By the way, he did end up getting some on his legs.)

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