Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seahawks vs. Bears

This past Sunday we woke up bright and early to go to a Seahawks game (we were at a wedding the night before). I had set my alarm clock for 5:05am. I had been awake for awhile, and when I finally decided to look at the clock it was 6:08am! Turns out I set the time on my alarm, but I didn't actually set it - whoops! We wanted to be on the road by 7am, so we were in quite the rush. After all was said and done we left the house at 7:12am - not too bad for waking up an hour late!

Right before we got to Prosser we started seeing loads of hot air balloons. Some people were parked on the side of the freeway taking pictures, but I just took them through the window and windshield, lol.

We got into Bellevue (where a couple friends were staying at a hotel) at 10:45am - not bad timing for leaving a little late, stopping to eat breakfast and to nurse Carson, stopping at a rest stop where everyone there was in either Seahawks or Bears jerseys, and finally stopping in Issaquah to get gas and beer.

Pictures were in order when we finally made it to Qwest Field (darn Seattle traffic heading to the game, lol).

The boys were actually doing really well at the game...that is, until Carson took a header off the seat into the concrete below. Luckily I had a cup holder thingy down there which helped break the fall. Carson is my comfort nurser, so I did just that, and he was back to normal. =)

Seattle skyline from our seats

Carson still hadn't taken a nap (other than maybe a 20 minute one in the car before we stopped at a rest stop, and he woke up), so I decided to try and nurse him to see if he would fall asleep, and he did. You may be seeing that I have a different jersey on. Right before halftime Chris went and found green jerseys for us, and after Carson was passed out I went and got green jerseys for the boys (a few sizes too big so they can wear them for a few years).

Puget sound (zoomed) from our seats

Seattle skyline again, but zoomed this time

Jaden hadn't taken a nap at all. He was super, super tired.

Carson wasn't a happy camper, because he wanted down to roam around. No clue what Chris is doing in the picture, lol. I think maybe he was mid motion?

Jaden and "his Katie"

After the game - Brandon, Chris and Jaden with the Sound behind them

Puget Sound

Zoomed in

More zoomed skyline

It was a very long day. Usually putting Carson on his back wakes him up, but not this time. We had gone to dinner with our friends after the game, and Carson inhaled a chip when he took a drink of milk, so he ended up vomiting, poor guy. He got it all over his new green jersey, too, so no pictures of him in it.

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