Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tired, cranky, teething boy

Last week we (Chris) took Carson to the ER at 4:30 in the morning, because he just wouldn't stop screaming. Right before bed he jammed a toothbrush into the back of his throat, so we were just thinking it was really hurting him. ER said he did have an abrasion on the back of his throat, but that he also had a double ear infection. The day before his last dose of medicine I thought he still had the ear infections, but his pediatrician said that if he was up and playing around after his screaming/tantrum-throwing fit then he was probably just fine. The other night Chris noticed Carson putting his finger to the back of his mouth and chewing on it. It finally hit us that he's teething his 2-year-old molars. Jaden was a pretty good teether. He never really fussed or had any other symptoms other than drooling a bit more and not eating as much. Carson has been a pretty good teether up until now. Now that we noticed he was chewing on his fingers we also thought maybe that's why he hasn't been chewing up his food. Lately he's just been putting it in his mouth, maybe chewing it a little, and spitting it out. Maybe that's because of his teeth trying to come in, and hopefully he'll be back to eating normal after it's all said and done. Well, last night he was screaming, once again, after we put him (and Jaden) to bed. Carson was banging, very hard, on the door, too. After I don't remember how long I decided to give him some Tylenol to see if that would help the pain. He came up on my lap and was snuggling, but wasn't falling asleep. You could tell he was trying to stay awake. After a little bit I had Chris go get Carson's blanky (which he has never cared about until this past week). We gave it to him, and he pretty much fell right to sleep. He also has one of my ear plugs in his left hand, lol. I hope these 4 teeth cut soon, because I don't know how many more screaming/tantrum-throwing nights and days I can handle. I want my happy boy back!

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