Monday, May 18, 2009

Brothers playing together

We started off the day with Jaden bringing out his couch from his bedroom. Carson was climbing all over it, so I set him down on it to take a picture.

Jaden realized Carson was on his couch, so he sat on it, too. As soon as I got the camera back out Jaden was "all done." Carson decided to throw a tantrum and yell at Jaden for getting off the couch.

After a little while Jaden unfolded the couch. Carson was still climbing on it, so I put the sleeping bag part of the now bed on him. Jaden had to get in on the action, too. Carson was a very tired baby, who was fighting his nap.

Later on, before lunch, we went outside to swing. Carson is terrified of the baby swing, so after a couple minutes I put him on the big boy swing. He loved it!

Jaden was practicing pumping his legs. When he swung forward he'd say, "Out," and when he swung backwards he'd say, "In." He also did the motions with his legs!

Around 3:15 p.m. we went on about an hour long walk in the 90+ degree weather. Silly me wore flip-flops and got a little blister. We all got a little red, but that's mostly gone now. My reasoning behind the walk was to see if Carson would fall asleep. I think it worked, but it was by the time we were almost back to the house. When I stopped the stroller at the stoop he had his eyes open...barely.

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