Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picnic table and a kiddie pool

The other day I was at Target getting a kiddie pool for the boys, and I came across this awesome table. You can fill half with water and half with sand and have a good old time. I didn't get any sand on Friday, so we just filled both sides with water. The boys were having fun in just the water, though. The other cool thing about this table is that there's a green "lid" that goes on top, and, voila, it's a picnic table!

I made Carson's hair into a Mohawk.

Three days and three kiddie pools later we finally got a pool that wasn't ripped. Carson thought it was too cold, but enjoyed riding the dolphin.

Carson was done; he wanted out.

No clue what Jaden was doing here, lol.

Jaden was standing on the fish to get more water to spray out.

After the boys were done in the pool we poured some sand we had gotten earlier that day into half of the table. Jaden was loving trying to build a sand castle.

Here's the sand castle.

And here's Jaden demolishing it seconds later.

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