Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toddler bed

Chris's mom is having a yard sale this weekend at her mom's house (come on by!), and we are bringing stuff over to put in the yard sale, too. We were thinking of things to put in it, and came up with a lot of stuff (mostly baby stuff). We decided we were going to put the crib in the yard sale, since we won't have a ton of room to store all our stuff once we move into that house. We want to eventually make the basement (well, one room of it) a playroom for the kids, so we're trying to get rid of whatever we can right now.

So, I got the toddler bed out of our room yesterday and put it in Carson's room. I had the railing, sheets, bumper, and bed skirt off the crib, as well. I had some stuff to do after Carson's morning nap (which was before I put the toddler bed in his room), so I hadn't put sheets on the toddler bed, and I hadn't taken the crib apart and gotten it out of the room yet, either. I wasn't expecting it, but Carson fell asleep on the way home from running errands. I put a blanket down on the mattress and laid Carson down.

Because he had such an early afternoon nap he had been up since about 2:30pm. He was super tired by the time he got a bath (over an hour late, meaning it was after 9:30pm when the boys got their baths, which is usually when I put Carson to bed), so he pretty much instantly fell asleep nursing. All of this means I wasn't able to test out putting Carson to bed awake in his toddler bed to see how he would do. He's just too cute in it, though. =)

This brings us to today. He was awake when I put him down for his morning nap, and he didn't like it, but fell asleep on the floor, in front of the door, about 10 minutes later.

I waited a little bit before going in to move him to his bed, and when I did, BOY what a mistake that was! He instantly woke up the second his body touched the bed. I decided to rock him back to sleep (standing up). Once he was asleep I put him back in his bed, and again, he instantly started screaming. It took nearly an hour to get him back to sleep, and then he didn't take a long nap. This is how he finally fell asleep. Too cute!

He must have learned from this morning, because he fell asleep on his bed for his afternoon nap. He only cried for maybe 5 minutes. Looks so uncomfortable!

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