Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding fun

This past Saturday was our friend's wedding. The colors were a couple shades of purple, and I found some suits for the boys that would be so cute! Chris was the Best Man, so he had to be there quite a bit early (for pictures, and whatnot), so I got myself and the boys ready alone. Here they are in their car seats headed to the wedding!

At the ceremony neither boy wanted to stay still, so I ended up standing with Carson on the side (ceremony was outside). Carson didn't like that, either, so I put him down and chased after him. In doing the chasing/picking up/putting Carson down, I dropped my camera. It totally doesn't work correctly anymore, so I am apologizing for most of these pictures' qualities.

As soon as we got to the reception (same place, just inside) Jaden never really left the dance floor...not even while the banquet staff was fixing it.

He was having the time of his life.

He even found some girls to flirt with (who ended up being mean to him)

Jaden was copying everything this little girl did (except showing his underwear, thank goodness).

This girl then took Jaden by the feet and drug him around in circles around the dance floor.

The other groomsman took these pictures of us =)


I finally let Carson run rampant, because I was tired of him either screaming to get out of the highchair, or wiggling out of my arms. He was very happy after I let him do whatever he wanted.

He was infatuated with the DJ lights

This girl adopted Jaden after the other little girls ditched him.

All the grownups loved Jaden

Carson was apparently trying to do the Macarena

Both boys in on the Macarena action

Carson loved the speakers. He went up to them quite a few times and started dancing.

Everyone loved Carson, too =)

Jaden was going up to this little girl, and Carson was following him.

I had been blowing bubbles, and I was trying to get a good picture of Carson chasing them, but by the time I snapped a picture the bubbles were gone, and Carson was coming back to beg for more.

"Say cheese, Mommy! Click!"

Jaden and the girl (who I thought was a boy the whole night) who adopted Jaden for the night, Hope.

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