Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big brother, Little brother

I know I've said this before, but Jaden just loves his baby brother. He was in a good mood (like usual after his baths) this night, and wanted to be up in my lap like Brother was. Jaden got up into my lap, and was being cute, so I posed Carson on Jaden and made Chris take a picture. As you can see Jaden also has my phone and was talking to one of his friends, haha.

Again, I had Brother in my lap, so of course Jaden wanted up in my lap, too. Jaden loves to hold his brother. Once in awhile I'll put Jaden in the corner of the couch and place Carson in Jaden's arms for a picture, but every other time I'm right there by his side. I will let Jaden hold Carson a few times a week, so long as I'm right by his side. As soon as I tell Jaden to let go of Brother Jaden grabs a hold of him tighter. Jaden loves holding Carson so much that he hates to let him go. The only reason Jaden doesn't have his hands around Carson is because Daddy had the camera out, lol.
I was in the kitchen last night washing out my pump attachments, and Jaden was in the kitchen with me. I was rinsing out the last of the attachments as I hear Carson start to make a little noise (he was on the back part of the couch in the living room). Jaden runs into the living room saying, ever so caring, "Goodness, goodness." As I'm putting that last attachment on the bottle drying rack I hear Carson scream. My first thought is that Jaden touched Carson a little too hard while trying to console him. I run into the living room and Carson is on the floor on the opposite side and end of the couch. I didn't see it happen, but Jaden had picked up his baby brother, then realized Brother was too heavy for him to carry, and Jaden dropped Carson. Carson was on his back, and Jaden's hands were underneath Carson. I know Jaden was trying to be sweet, but it scared me to DEATH. I was shaking for quite awhile after the incedent, and crying. Don't worry, Carson was totally fine when I got to him and picked him up - he even started smiling and laughing - but I was still a wreck for a few hours afterwards.

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she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

That is so cute how much Jaden loves his little brother.