Monday, October 13, 2008

Carson's new toy

Carson now hates his bouncy seat. I don't know why, but he does. I don't want to put him in his swing all the time, because 1) he falls asleep when I start it, and 2) I don't want him used to being in the swing all the time. I do have a playtime mat thing, but he only lasts on that for a little while before getting fussy. I also don't want him just laying on the couch all the time, either, so we got him a Bumbo seat. This seat is supposed to help them learn to sit. I don't know if it will; that's not why I got it. I got it so he could do something other than lay on his tummy or back. So far he hates it, lol. He does really well in it, but he gets mad a few minutes later. Hopefully he'll start to like it.

Poor guy was really tired and fell asleep in it. Of course when I got off the couch to take the picture the cushion moved a little causing him to wake a little, so that's why you see a little bit of his eyes opening. How he fell asleep looked so uncomfortable, so I after I took the picture I took him out of it, where he proceeded to sleep on me for awhile later.

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