Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's a thief among us

In an earlier blog I posted that we got a Bumbo seat for Carson. Jaden thinks it's his. While Carson is hating his new seat Jaden is loving it. No matter how many times we tell Jaden it's not his, not to sit in it, or to get out of it, he's always doing just that. I had Carson up on the couch, right next to me, but took him out, because he got fussy in it. Jaden seized that opportunity and got up onto the couch and into the Bumbo, as he thinks it is his new toy, lol. I took the opportunity to take a couple pictures, but he just wasn't letting me. Every time he saw the camera he got up out of the seat. Here are the only two good pictures I got. And yes, he's wearing his infamous "hat."

He wears this basket on his head all day, everyday, I swear. This is the first picture I ever took of him wearing his "hat." He gets it, puts it on his head, and says over and over until I acknowledge him, "Hat, hat, hat." On this particular day he just had to have his "hat" on in order to finish eating his lunch.


Allison said...

Ha Ha... He is just too funny!

The Smith Family said...

oh man I am soooo glad you posted these pics lol I was just telling James about his "hat" this morning. I can;'t wait to show him these pictures... Silly boy!!!

Allison said...

So I tagged you for a couple meme's on my page. I know you don't like writing but I will get you to write more stories HA HA... A meme is like a myspace survey. Enjoy!