Monday, October 27, 2008


A week and a half ago Jaden was up by the front door playing with the door to the coat closet, which is a two panel folding door. All of a sudden I hear this gut wrenching scream. I look over at Jaden and the door, and I had no clue why he was screaming - the closet door looked shut. Well, Jaden continued to scream, so I got up to see what was wrong. The second I stood up I realized Jaden must have had the palm of his hand stuck between the folds of the door. When I realized this I ran the rest of the way to him. I quickly opened the door to release his poor hand. I scooped him up and loved on him. I cuddled and cuddled him and didn't let go. After awhile, when he had finally calmed down, I got a couple of pictures of his hand. They aren't the best pictures, but it gives you an idea of what part of his hand got pinched in the door. The last picture was how his hand looked the next morning. To this day, nearly two weeks later, you can still see where his hand got pinched.


Chip and Dani Brown said...

Poor little guy! That is one of the worst parts of parenting, I think...having accidents happen and seeing them in pain and not being able to take it away. No fun. Hope his little hand finishes healing up soon!

Danah said...

Folding doors and toddlers don't mix! At least that's been my experience. His hand looks awful! Poor kiddo.

Nicole said...

Poor J-man!